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We are committed to providing complete professional service to our clients, which includes all of the essentials requested by todays touring artist. 
Our backline department is the fastest growing division within our company, with new pro backline gear being aquired almost monthly. 
Your Artist can not travel with their gear? No Problem!  We've got an extensive line of on stage gear in house.  Whether you need just a bass amp or an entire stage full of gear, we've got you covered.  Below are just some of our featured items available.  For a full list of backline available through Earp Entertainment Services, just give us a call.


Ludwig Accent CS Custom Drum Kit
The #1 Name in Drums, this is Ludwig's Top of the Line Kit.  It has 8 ply Burch shells in Amber and in standard size depths.  If features 10", 12", & 13" toms, 14"x 6.5" snare, 16" & 18" floors (on legs), and a 22" kick.  Rack toms come with Ludwig Vibra-Bands for full resonance.  All drums are outfitted with genuine Remo drumheads. Bass drums come with ringed-collar heads for perfect tone control and punch.  However, you can request your choice of drum head package for an additional charge. Remo, Evans, and Aquarian heads available.  Get this kit with your choice of cymbol package.  Pictured is the Zildjian A Custom, top of the line cymbol package, featuring 14" hats, 14" (not pictured), 16" & 18" crash, and a 20" medium ride.  Cymbols are mounted on double braced Ludwig hardware.  Throne and slip rug included.

The Tams drummer on the Accent Custom

James Wesley's drummer on the Accent Custom

Liquid Pleasure's drummer on the Accent Custom.

Legendary Embers Drummer Bobby Tomlinson on the Accent Custom.

Vybe's Drummer on the Accent Custom.

Waller's Drummer on the Accent Custom


Tama Swingstar Drum Kit
Scorching beefy tone, hefty hardware, and visual splendor for such a small footprint!  Incredible sounding kit for it's size, it features 12" & 13" toms, a 16" floor on legs, 14" x 5.5" snare, & a 20" kick.  Mahogany 6-ply 8mm shells with Accu-Tune bass hoops with extra-deep bass from the kick in Midnight Blue.  Cymbol package of your choice.  Pictured Zildjian ZBT pro cymbols come with this set.  14" hats, 16" crash, & 20" ride.


Peavey Bandit 112 Guitar Amp
The Bandit features a 12' Scorpion speaker, high and low gain inputs, 80 watts, foot switchable clean and lead channels, 3 band passive EQ, reverb with level control.  Great lead guitar amp!


Hartke Bass Rig
This Bass Rig features the Hartke HA3500 Amp, with 350w of clean thunder.  Coupled with the VX Series Hartke 810 cabinet, this rig can do it all.

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