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Earp Entertainment Services is not a booking agency.  We do provide and operate a Talent Management Division within our company that provides our clients the opportunity to locate and contract a variety of entertainment, and assist them with every aspect of talent contracting.
Over the years, many of our clients have expressed flustration in being able to locate and book quality talent for their special events.  They have often felt taken advantage of, and have not been satisfied with the end cost or product.  In an effort to assist our clients, we began compiling a database of talent that we have worked with at shows over the years, and that we deemed high quality.  In our business, we have the opportunity to see the performance of a tremendous amount of talent, and are able to directly work with their production, load ins, time management, member attitudes, and many other aspects of the total performance that the client may not necessarily see, but may very well affect the quality of the performance.
With that said, we are proud to offer to our clients, access to this database of talent.  Quality, affordable talent of every type and genre is available through our Talent Management Division.  These artist are not only quality entertainers, but have been given our stamp of approval.  They show up on time, act and dress appropriately, are easy to work with, and offer a quality product at a fair and affordable price.  We have in effect "weeded through the mess" for you.
The best thing about this service is that it is FREE when you use our production service for your event.   That's right FREE.  If you are having a Fair, Festival, Concert, or Event of any type that you are going to be hiring talent and production, then we can provide you with the highest quality production, and the best talent available.  And the best part is, you save money all around.  We will negoiate with the artist to aquire you the very best deal.  And we can!  You see all of the artist in our extensive database have worked with us.  They all know that they can trust us to provide them with the highest quality production and they will many times reduce their cost to the client because they do not have to travel with, or set up, all of their gear.  In short, you aquire dependable, affordable, high quality talent, along with state of the art, professional sound & lighting production.  You pay the talent to do their job, us to do ours, you put on a 5 Star, 1st Class Show, and You Save Money. 
When you hire us to provide talent for your event, here is what we provide.  We access your needs and desires as to what type of talent you are seeking.  We then provide you with all of the artist in those categories.  You review the information with your committee.  Then choose your acts.  We take it from there, contacting the acts, discussing all of the logistics as to location, venue, load in, schedules, money, everything.  We then generate an agreement on behalf of the artist.  You sign and return, and it's done.  We will stay in constant contact with the artist and you, to ensure the event and the performance, goes on without any issues.  Complete turn key, and as mentioned before, it's Free when you use our production.
Many of our long term production clients have been using this service for years, now all of our new clients have the opportunity to have access to this quality and professional service.  If you do not need production for your event, are only hiring one act, or have a small show, then you can still have access to this service.  We will provide these clients with all of the services mentioned above for a small 10% contracting fee.  The lowest fee in the industry for professional talent services of this nature.
So if you need talent for your next big event, we would appreciate the opportunity to serve you, and help locate some of the best entertainment available.  Below is a list of talent available.  Call our office at 919-989-8520 anytime for a price quote and date availabilty.

Beach, Country, R&B, Dance, Rock, 50's, 70's Disco, 80's Pop, Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz, Adult Contemporary, Bluegrass, Reggae, Boat Music, & Tribute Bands.
Magicians, Clowns, Ventriloquist, Stilt Walkers, Comedians, Face Painters, Balloon Artist, Circus Acts and Acrobats.
Actors, Actresses, Athletes, TV/Radio Personalities, and Motivational Speakers.
(Available for appearances, public and private)






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