A 40 Year Career.

 Hello everyone.  My name is Jim Earp, I own the company of the website you are on, and I am a professional disc jockey.  On September 1, 2019, I embarked on my 40th Year in the Entertainment Business.  And as many of my clients know, and just as many don't know, it all started with me performing as a DJ.  Throughout my career, one of the most difficult things I do, and continue to do in business, is talk about myself.  So far as this part of my business goes, I have always let my show speak for itself, and let word of mouth advertising drive my career. I never really knew what to say when someone ask about my DJ business. But after 40 years of being in the business, I do finally have an answer.   Let's be honest.  In today's age of the internet, anyone with a laptop and money, can call themselves a DJ.  Music is so easily accessible and if you are willing to put out the cash for the gear, anyone can call themselves a DJ tomorrow.  But just being able to purchase the gear and the music is not all it takes.  When I was growing up, I was constantly captivated by large music productions.  Most people that enjoy music, dances, or concert events, enjoy the production as much as the music.  All of the lighting and effects have become just as important as the person performing.  I always wanted to "Wow" people, the same way I was influenced.  So I began by putting together the largest and most visually exciting production I could.  But I knew, once you get past all the flash, you still have to have some kind of substance.  Something that is unique and different from everyone else.  I think I have that something else.  Let me explain.  Nearly everytime I perform a show, I learn something new, and since 1979, I have learned alot.  I have been able to develop my own unique style of performing as a DJ that you can't buy.  You can only have, what I have, through experience, and after 40 years, I have had a lot of experience.  You see, this is my "Full Time" job, and along with operating my entertainment production company, has been the only employment I have ever had.  For the most part,  I have made my living performing as a LIVE DJ , along with transitioning to all of the other aspects of my business that you see within this website.  As a DJ, I have learned how to read my audience, learned what to play and when to play it, and what to say and when to say it.  I have learned how to entertain people.  When you hire me, you hire professional entertainment.  The sound and lighting production I carry with me impress most just on first site, before I play the first song.  The show's production really speaks for itself.  This is one of the most visually exciting, lighting and special effects productions on the road today.  The sound system is made up of Peavey, Numark, and Telex professional, state of the art, audio products.  The Custom Chauvet Pro lighting system features 40 special effects lights, moving lights, and lasers, with haze and bubble machines, and more. And finally, the most important component of my show, The Music.  I provide what no band can.  Every category of music is covered and I can perform for any audience.  All of the best Top 40/Dance, Beach, Country, Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, Rock, AC, and Oldie Hits from as far back as the 50's to today.  Even now, I add new music every week.  All of the music is clean, and I pay attention to the audience I am playing for, and make sure the music is age appropriate.  I have played, and can play for any event.  And that's it.  When you hire me, you hire a Professional Entertainer.   Let me entertain you, and I will bring the largest, most professional, and entertaining mobile music party your have ever seen.  Thank you for your time and consideration, and I would greatly appreciate your business.!

Corporate Event Specialist

The System


If you own a Company and are holding a Corporate Picnic or End Of Year Holiday Party for your employees, then I would love to have the opportunity to be your entertainment.   I am a pro at providing the musical backdrop that will be the heartbeat of your event.  It only happens once a year, so don't skimp on the entertainment.  Hire a Professional!

Games and Contest


For Company Picnics, I have over 15 different interactive old fashion game events that are high in participation and equally fun to watch.

Corporate Christmas Parties


At Holiday & Employee Parties, the dance floor is full all night!

I can perform for any event.

DJ Jim Earp's Outdoor Premier Event!