Sound Production


In 1983, we expanded our services to include sound and lighting production.  Now, we are a leading source for sound production in the area for Fairs, Festivals, Concerts, Pageants, Talent Shows, and any event where having a central sound system for multiple acts is important.  Our systems can accomidate audiences from 50 to 15,000 people.   We specialize in multiple band "festival style" events and have engineered thousands of artist from local to national talent.  Our systems are built with the highest quality, state of the art sound production gear in the industry, and are operated by competent, knowledgable sound engineers with years of experience in live sound applications.  We are very thorough, and pay attention to the smallest detail, working closely with the artist and the client, so that every event operates smoothly.  So, if you are planning an outdoor or indoor event and need sound, give us a call for a very affordable price quote. 

Festivals - Fairs - Concerts - Corporate Events

County Fair


Our 1/1 sound procution system with an 8 fixture LED stage lighting rig.

Festival Production


This is a 2/2 per side sound production system on one of our 20x20 performance stages.

Concert Series


A 1/1 sound proudction system with monitor world, 8 fixture LED lighting system on our 20x20 performance stage with 4x8 wings.

FOH & Lighting Control


FOH and Lighting Control.

Concert Production


Full Concert Production with a 1/1 FOH system and monitor world.

Event Production


Here is a 32x32 parformance stage, 2/1 sound production system with 4 1000w center fills, 32 fixture LED lighting rig, and 4 Chauvet movers.

Corporate Event


Our 20x20 performance stage, along with a 1/1 per side sound production system, 1/1 satelite speaker system and an 8 Par lighting rig.

County Fair


Our 2/2 per side sound production system, along with an 8 Par stage lighting system.

Town Festival


Our 20x20 stage and roof system with 4x8 sound wings, along with a 2/2 per side sound production system and 8 Par stage lighing system on sticks.

Small Concert Production


Our 1/1 sound production system with an  8 Par stage lighting system on 7.5'  truss towers.

County Fair Indoor


Our 1/1 sound production system along with a 6 Par stage lighting system on sticks.

The "Classic" FOH World (1983-2017)


The "Classic" FOH positions system that was our go to system  for many years.  It featured a 24 channel console, processing rack, lighting controllers, and 600 follow spot.