Performance Staging & Platforms


Our stages can be placed indoors or out!

Our staging is highly versatile!!  The reason our company went with the Multi Stage  System is because of it's quality and extreme versatility indoors or out.  In situations where you are outdoors and do not need a cover over the stage, our performance stages are the perfect solution.  

When your event goes inside, our staging goes with you!!  We provide a multitude of staging platforms for hundreds of events indoors every year.  You can't do that with a mobile stage.  

 Another great feature of our staging is you can have a performance stage or platform any size, and because our support system is adjustable, you have the choice of multiple heights.  Our staging truly is the most  versatile staging around.  Look through the images below to see the variety of staging we offer.

Anniversary Gala


This is a 16'x16'x3' stage platform that we placed in a Mall for a Hospital Anniversary Gala.

County Wide Talent Show


Side view of a 32'x32'x3' performance stage in a High School Gym for a County Wide Talent Show.

Truck Show


This is a 24'x20'x3' performance stage set in a parking lot of truck stop under a big top tent.

Festival Dance Stage


Side view of a 24'x24'x3' performance stage that was used as the dance stage at a Festival.

Chamber Luncheon


This is a 12'x8'x1' stage platform set up inside a Winery to elevate the guest speakers.

Political Rally


This is a 28'x16'x3' stage platform set up in a Tobacco Warehouse for a Political Rally.

Idol Contest


This is a 16'x16'x3' performance stage placed inside a commercial rental hall for an Idol Style Talent Contest.

Christmas Program


In a Church we placed a 16'x16'x3' high stage platform on either side of the Church stage to support a Christmas Program.

Church Event


We placed this 12'x8'x1' stage platform in a Church for a special event.

School Program


This is a 16'x8'x3' stage platform for a School Program set up in the School's Cafeteria. 

Corporate Event


Here we have a 8'x8'x1' stage platform inside a Country Club to elevate the Keynote Speakers for a Corporate Event.

Holiday Event


This is a 20'x16'x3' performance stage set in the street for a Town Holiday Event.

The Catalinas


This is our 28'x24'x3'  performance stage in a Community College Event Space for a Catalinas concert.

Sara Evans


This is our 32'x28'x3' performance stage with 8'x8'x1' drum riser and 8'x8'x1' keyboard riser in a Conference Center for Sara Evans Concert.

The Oak Ridge Boys


Side view of our 32'x24'x3' performance stage with an 8'x8'x1' drum riser inside an event center for an Oak Ridge Boys Concert.

Charlie Daniels Band


Rear stage left view of our 32'x28'x3' performance stage with 8'x8'x1' drum riser at an event center for a Charlie Daniels Band Concert.

The Platters


This is a 20'x20'x3' performance stage in a Civil Center for The Platters.

Kellie Pickler


 Side view of our 32'x24'x3' performance stage, 2-8'x8'x1' risers, & 2-4'x8'x3' sound wings inside an event center for a Kellie Pickler Concert.