Lighting Production

Our lighting department is equally as exteneive as our sound department.  We provide lighting applications including concert lighting, uplighting, special effects lighting, and set design for any sitiuation.

We carry every type of entertainment lighting!  Our most popular and most useful lighting  is our LED stage lighting systems.  Small, compact, and drawing less electritity, our LED lighting is used for a multitide of applications.  We use these lights as concert stage lighting, uplighitng, and set enhancement.  

We also have a number of different moving light packages, with both LED and Traditional fixtures.  Everything from our mirror pans, to complete 360 moving heads, to our high end concert moving fixtures. 

 Lastly, we have a very large inventory of special effect lighting.  Everything from a vareity of wildly popular movers to arena lazers.  

All of our lighing systems can be configured on many of our various rigging systems.  We offer a large variety of truss systems, tripods, and lifts.  Simply contact our lighting department for a inventory list of the entertainment lighting production we offer. 


Concert Lighting Production


We offer custom stage lighting systems to compliment any environment for any performance.

LED Stage Lighting


Our LED Stage Lighting Fixtures feature 12w RGBW long life LED's with a 5D lens for great light diffusion.

Intelligent Moving Lights


We have a complete inventory of mirror pan and full spectrum moving head lights that are the sizzle for any concert production.

Conventional Par Lights


We are not just going to throw them away.  We still offer in our inventory a complete line of the industry standard Par 56 and 64 lighting systems.

Color Wash Lights


Our color wash LED lighting systems can change the look of any enviroment with just a push of a button.

Follow Spot Lights


We have top of the line follow spot lights to enhance any business meeting, pageant, or live performance.   We use on the best Times Square Follow Spots. Available in 600w and 1K.

Conventional Stage Lighting


Our lighting department has any size lighting system to light any stage.  Utilizing a wide variety of T-bar, Arm bar, Stick, and Truss rigging, our abundant number of Par Lights will add bright color to enhance any performance.  We have basic lighting packages that start at $125 for the weekend.

Laser Lights


The most exciting lighting in the world and we have it!  We offer high end arena laser lighting for any application.  Full DMX control allows the user to create amazing light shows.    They feature a variety of patterns, electric lightning, and the incredible liquid sky.  Contact our lighting pros for details.

Effects Lighting


The new and inovative lighting products available now is incredible.  These days you can use special effects lighting to create just about any scene or mood.  Our lighting department has over 15 different effects lights.  Everything from 100w UV Washes (Our high powered black lights that make an entire room glow in the dark) to Strobes, and a variety of Multi-Spinners are available.  You will be amazed at what we can create.



A wedding, banquet, and convention favorite, uplights will enhance the look of any space.  There many different applications for these lights.

Lighting Towers


 Lighting towers are a great high end lighting application that will enhance any event.  The possibilities are endless to how you can use these towers to accent your presentation.  You can see here where we used our lighting towers for a Grand Red Carpet entrance for an Anniversary Gala.  

Set Design


 Our set design department can add that extra special touch to any performance stage.  We can provide your event with a unique look made just for you.  Combining our lighting designs with backdrops and simple tricks of the trade, we can create a very high end look at an affordable price.  Let our design team create a great stage look for your next event 


Concert Lighting That Looks Amazing!

Contact us for our complete lighting inventory.