Risers, Runways, and Stage Additions

The versatility of our staging allow us to provide our clients with a wide variety of stage applications.  We can build everything from a small platform riser to dedicate a building site, to a custom runway for a fashion show.  The possibilities are endless.  In the photos below, you will find just a few examples of the types of things we can do.

Do you have a staging need that you want to achieve for your next event?  Then contact us and let one our staging experts meet with you for a site visit to see how we can bring your ideas to life.


Parade Announcer Stand


Here is a 12'x8' Parade Announcer's Stand for a Christmas Parade.

Fashion Show Runways


This is a 28'x8' Runway added on to an existing venue permanent stage for a Fashion Show.

Podium Riser


This is a 8'x8'x1' Riser for an Announcer Podium at a Tree Lighting Ceremony.

Demonstration Platform


Here is a 16'x16'x3' "T" Stage that was used for a Dance Demonstration and Instruction at a College.

Awards Stage


This is a 16'x16'x3' Awards Stage for a Triathlon.  Winners could walk up one side to receive their awards and walk off the other side.

Multi Level Specialty Riser


Here is a multi level stage riser typically used as a media platform to stagger the height of TV cameras.

Media Platforms

Below is an example of the multi level media platforms that we can provide for any media coverage event.


Stage Extensions

With the versatility of our staging platforms we can add stage extensions to any existing stage to provide more space.


This extension was added to a Stageline SL100 Mobile Stage.


We provide seamless stage extensions to any stage.


Here is a 28'x'12' stage extension with 12'x16' monitor world addition and a 12'x8' runway extension added to a Stageline SL260 Mobile Stage. 


When mobile stages are not big enough....they call us.