Arena Hazers


Haze Machines are the most versatile atmospheric effects producer around. This machine will produce a constant, even flow of haze via remote, or can be used manually.  The quietest hazer on the market, makes this a favorite with any size production. 

Bubble Machines


 Bubbles add fun and excitement to Parties, Weddings, Special Events or Business Grand Openings. 

Cold Spark Generators


The safe and easy way to create indoor or outdoor pyrotechnics without the fire, the heat, and the danger.  Create beautiful and exciting fireworks displays safe and effectively.

Snow Machines


 You don't have to wait til' Winter to let it SNOW.  Put this on top of a building and you can create a Winter Wonderland, or use one of our rigging devices and create winter scenes for you theater production.

Fog Machines


 Use Fog to enhance any of our special effect lights, enhance concert lighting, or alone to create a variety of theatrical effects. 



Half fog machine, half hazer, these small compact Fazers are used to enhance light shows in small compact venues.